At Diamond Source Jewelers, we are the foremost experts in jewelry appraisals. With over 40 years of experience in the diamond and jewelry industry, Bruce has set the industry standard for quality service. If you are looking to discover the true value of your jewelry, you have come to the right place.


Get a Jewelry Appraisal Done by a Jewelry Expert

At Diamond Source Jewelers, appraisals are done by an expert jewelry appraiser with over 47 years of experience in the jewelry industry. You’ll be working with a trusted expert who will take the time to educate you and answer all of your questions.

Why Should You Do Jewelry Appraisals?

When you need to obtain insurance on an item, this is where a jewelry appraisal is a must. An appraiser provides an accurate estimation of the jewelry‘s retail replacement value for purposes of insurance. Appraisals consist of details such as diamond weight and colored stone weight (in carats), color, clarity, cut, metal type and purity, and weight. Appraisals can be performed for other purposes such as selling (liquidation value) of an item, probate of an estate (fair market value) or division of an item between individuals.

How Are Appraisals Performed?

Jewelry appraisals are performed by appointment

Your jewelry is inspected in your presence and the final written report is emailed to you as to make it easier to forward to anyone if needed. An original of the appraisal report will be mailed to you for your files.

How Long Does It Take To Appraise My Jewelry?

An appointment for one to two items usually takes about one hour.

Three things you need to know about jewelry appraisals.

Before we do a Jewelry Appraisal for you, there are a few things you should know.

It's a simple process

Obtaining a jewelry appraisal is not as difficult as you may think. To determine the value of an item, the appraiser will examine the item closely taking note of its physical and aesthetic characteristics such as metal type and purity, diamond and gemstone shape, weight and quality, and would consider any relevent documentation or history associated with the piece. You don't need to be intimidated by the process. The appraisal report is created exclusively for you and is legally binding on the appraiser so that it remains confidential.

Four different types of appraisals

There are four types of jewelry appraisals: a replacement value appraisal for insurance purposes, a damage report appraisal to assess restoration costs, a fair market value appraisal for estates and divorce, and a liquidation value appraisal for divorce or estate liquidation.

The Credentials of the appraiser

Besides having extensive experience in diamonds, gems, jewelry and watches, the appraiser must be a Graduate Gemologist (GG) from the Gemological Institute of America. They should also be a member of a recognized organization like the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA).



Insurance Appraisal Reports – If the intended use of your report is for Insurance purposes, the fees are $125 for the first item and $90 for each additional item. Most items fall within these pricing parameters, however, if your item is more complicated than the normal and there are any additional fees, we will inform you at the beginning of the appointment.

Updates for Insurance Reports – Items previously appraised by Diamond Source Jewelers are billed at 50% of the current fees for a new appraisal.

Estate and Fair Market Reports – If the intended use of your report is for Estate or Equitable Distribution purposes, the scope of the assignment expands to meet the particular needs of the client, executor or bank trust department. These assignments are billed at an hourly rate of $195.00 per hour including examination of the item(s) and all research time. At the beginning of the assignment, we can give an estimate of the fees and a deposit of 50% is due when the finished report is done.

Consultation – Consultations are done in our office and is billed directly in 10 minute increments with a one hour minimum of 195.00 per hour. Payment is due at the end of the appointment.

Travel – All local assignments outside our office are billed at our hourly rate portal to portal. Please take this into consideration when requesting this service.

Out of town travel is billed at $800 for each travel day and a minimum of $1,500 for each workday. Travel expenses are billed to the client as well. A contract and retainer are required for all out-of-town assignments. Please contact us to negotiate the details.

Why get appraisals done at Diamond Source Jewelers?

At Diamond Source Jewelers, we provide the most detailed jewelry appraisals in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our expert appraisal team is led by Graduate Gemologist Mr. Bruce Chase, who has over 47 years of experience as a jewelry buyer and appraiser. We are knowledgeable about current market rates and the true value of each jewelry piece. When you entrust your jewelry to us for a certified jewelry appraisal, you can be confident that your jewelry is secure. We understand the importance of keeping your jewelry safe and private and take all necessary measures to ensure the full security of each jewelry piece while conducting our appraisals. Therefore, we offer the following services:

1. Appointments to ensure your privacy.

2. Your jewelry never leaving your possession.

3. An emailed copy of the appraisal.

4. The ability to see every step of the appraisal process.

We take all necessary precautions to ensure the security of your jewelry and complete the appraisal process within deadlines and at reasonable rates.

Email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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