Yes, they are! Although it sounds as if they are fake if we call them synthetic diamonds, they consist of pure carbon in the same cubic crystalline form as natural diamonds. The only way the difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds can be seen is if a very high-tech machine is used.

You can buy the best lab grown diamonds in Denver from us at Diamond Source Jewelers! We can create custom man-made diamond jewelry engagement rings for you. We are the best place to buy lab grown diamonds in Denver as all of our diamonds are GIA-certified diamonds.

Yes, you can tell the difference between laboratory made diamonds and natural diamonds, but not with the naked eye. The difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds can only be seen by an expert that uses a very high-tech piece of equipment.  When you buy a diamond, be sure that the jewelry store tells you if it is a natural diamond, or a lab made diamond.

Yes, lab grown diamonds are much more affordable than natural diamonds. The price for man made diamonds is not determined by the stone’s unique characteristics and rarity. Manufactured diamonds are priced only per carat. The reason these diamonds are so affordable is for the fact that they can be manufactured in bulk, and there is no limit to them.

Bruce Chase is the owner of Diamond Source Jewelers, with over 40 years of experience in the finest jewelry stores in the United States. He earned his Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America in California, as well as a Certified Gemologist degree from the American Gem Society.


At Diamond Source Jewelers, our certified diamond and jewelry expert can help you find the true value of any type of jewelry piece; from diamonds to gemstones. There are four different types of appraisals done by us. These include replacement value appraisals, fair market value appraisals, damage report appraisals, and special liquidation appraisals.

Yes, at Diamond Source Jewelers, we can create any jewelry piece your heart desires. Whether it is custom-designed jewelry, diamond rings, or engagement rings, we can do it all. Bruce has been creating and designing unique jewelry pieces for the people of Denver, CO for decades. We only offer world-class services.

You can get your jewelry appraised by a top-rated jewelry appraisal expert at Diamond Source Jewelers. Our world-class jewelry appraisal store is located in Denver. We offer Jewelry appraisals for any type of jewelry you want to be valued. There are no other Jewelry Appraisers like us!

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